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Club Rules

If you choose to attend this Youth Club you will be expected to keep to the Ground Rules.

While you are at the club you are representing the club - please make us proud.


•You must sign in and out every time you arrive and leave even if you just are just leaving for a short time. (Members attending the 8-11 year old session will not be able to leave without a parent / guardian present)

•Respect each other, and the Youth leaders and volunteers

•Respect the equipment and the building

•Please enter and leave the building quietly and be considerate of other users and homeowners in the local area. (Do not hang around the car park outside.)

•Be polite (‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ cost nothing but mean a lot)

•No illegal substances, tobacco, e-cigarettes or alcohol on the premises (including the car park) Parents will be informed!

•Listen to each other

•Offer help to people who need it

•Do not bring in an item that can be deemed as an offensive weapon i.e. Baseball bat, knifes etc. These items will be confiscated and parents and maybe the police will be called.

•Be honest

•If you pop outside for fresh air or use the MUGA at the rear, the ground rules still apply in the Community Hall grounds

•Stay safe, please arrange to be collected by a parent or walk with other friends.

•No canoodling in the club or grounds

•Scooter or skateboard outside not in the building – the skate park is not part of the Youth Club and if you wish to use the skate park you must sign out of the Youth Club, and sign back in when you are finished

•Don’t go against your parent’s consent. (if your parent hasn’t given permission to leave the club during a session you must stay in the club or your parent will be contacted)